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This is to inform you that Ps Construction, Inc. has become an installer for AirScape whole house fans.


Enhance coolinghttp://www.airscapefans.com/images/site/splash/cooling.png

Get more for less - a Whole House Fan works in all seasons, helping you stretch your energy dollars without sacrificing comfort.

Increase ventilationhttp://www.airscapefans.com/images/site/splash/window.png

A Whole House Fan improves indoor air quality by effectively removing hot indoor air and distributing cool, fresh outdoor air throughout the house, creating a naturally healthy home

Maximize comforthttp://www.airscapefans.com/images/site/splash/slippers.png

Innovative engineering, industrial grade components and advanced controls deliver reliable, worry-free operation year after year

Eliminate AC http://www.airscapefans.com/images/site/splash/plug.png

Why run expensive air conditioning when it's actually cool out? Eliminate air conditioning by using cool air to remove the built up heat from your home, walls, ceilings and furniture.

Reduce consumptionhttp://www.airscapefans.com/images/site/splash/meter.png

Energy efficient natural cooling with an AirScape Whole House Fan can reduce your home cooling energy consumption by up to 50%, easily the best green home investment.

What is a whole house fan

a whole house fan works at nightA whole house fan is:

A Whole House Fan is a type of fan installed in a building's ceiling, designed to pull hot air out of the building. A whole-house fan pulls hot air out of a building and forces it into the attic space. This causes a positive pressure in the attic forcing air out through the gable and/or soffit vents, while at the same time producing a negative pressure inside the living areas, which draws cool air in through open windows.

A Whole House Fan is a primary cooling device that can significantly enhance, reduce or even eliminate the need for A/C. Energy efficient, the fan can significantly lower the temperature in a building very quickly. Typically when outdoor temperatures are below 82 degrees and the relative humidity is less than 75 percent, an AirScape whole house fan can cool a house by itself and is much less expensive to operate than air conditioning. Whole House Fans can be used year round.


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