Ps Construction is:
     A complete building and remodeling company, specializing
     in kitchen and bathroom renovations.

Ps Construction can:
     Turn an outdated room into a modernized environment
     for you and your family to enjoy. The possibilities
     are endless...new cabinetry, flooring or wall coverings.

Ps Construction can:
     Change the size, shape or scope of your room with
     interior renovations or room additions.

Ps Construction will:
     Work with your plans to brighten your space with new
     color, texture or customized design accents.

At Ps Construction we:
     Work within your budget and schedule to help create
     the renovations or room additions you envision.

"Have any questions about bathroom design? www.bathroomremodeling.org has answers on just about everything, including building a luxury team shower, picking the right bathtub for your bathroom, and how to find an easy-clean, no clog toilet."

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